• Streamside Xiaoshan village


    Seventy kilometers from the central area of Conghua district, Xiaoshan village of Lutian town sits next to Liuxi River and Xiaoshan Reservoir, and covers approximately 13.5 sq km.

  • Lianma village

    Lianma village


    Lianma is a mountainous village in Lyutian town, Conghua district.

  • Feng'er Hakka People Cultural Industry Town

    Feng'er Hakka People Cultural Industry Town


    Feng'er Hakka People Cultural Industry Town is located in Feng'er Village, Jiangpu Sub-district, Conghua.

  • Eco-design Town

    Eco-design Town


    The eco-design town is located at the Liuxi Hot Spring Scenic Spot in Conghua, Guangzhou, and covers a planned area of 801 hectares.

  • Mibu village

    Mibu village


    Mibu village, situated in Conghua Eco-health Valley, is surrounded by streams.

  • Xitang Fairytale Town

    Xitang Fairytale Town


    Xitang village, located in Aotou village southwest of Conghua district, is situated near rivers and hills, where flowers bloom all year around.

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