• Lyutian bean curd stick

    Lyutian bean curd stick


    Lyutian town of Conghua district in Guangzhou, Guangdong province, is famous for its local delicacies. Bean curd sticks are one of them.

  • Conghua fragrant rice

    Conghua fragrant rice


    The "Conghua fragrant Rice" program was formally launched in 2020. It will promote the plantation and production of local fragrant rice through green, intelligent, mechanized, standardized and high-end methods within two to three years and to increase the district's annual income from the rice business by 360 million yuan($55.42 million).

  • Lychee honey

    Lychee honey


    Chinese writer Yang Shuo was inspired to write a well-known essay titled "Lychee Honey" when he paid a visit to bee farmers and tasted the special honey in Conghua in the 1960s.

  • Bowl rice pudding

    Bowl rice pudding


    Bowl rice pudding, one of the traditional Guangdong snacks, has a history going back centuries.

  • Clausena lansium

    Clausena lansium


    Produced all over South China, Clausena lansium - also known as wampee - usually matures in the fifth and sixth lunar months.

  • Dragon fruit

    Dragon fruit


    Dragon fruit, also called "pitaya fruit", is highly nutritious and unique in that it contains plant albumins and anthocyanins and is rich in vitmins and soluble fiber.

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