Lychee honey

Updated:  2021-04-26

Chinese writer Yang Shuo was inspired to write a well-known essay titled "Lychee Honey" when he paid a visit to bee farmers and tasted the special honey in Conghua in the 1960s. Thanks to his piece, local honey has become famous across the country.

The brand of Conghua Lychee Honey was added to a protection list of national geographical indications by the former General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine in 2011.


[Photo provided to official WeChat account of Conghua]

The production of lychee honey involves removing bees from their honeycombs, peeling the skin off from honey and shaking and filtrating it. It often takes five and eight days to collect honey to guarantee its quality. The collection of honey can occur four times during the lychee blossoming period.

Lychee honey, a natural nutritional food, is rich in vitamins and other supplements and has great efficacy in the improvement of human appearance, intestinal and lung functions, and in the prevention of aging.1619407651548008157.jpg

[Photo provided to official WeChat account of Conghua]

Lychee honey from Conghua is known for its fragrance and sweetish taste. It has abundant nutritional supplements like glucose, minerals, amino acids and vitamins, which help it regulate people's physical well-being.

The product has enjoyed great popularity in the market.