• Conghua Cat-headed Lion Dance

    Conghua Cat-headed Lion Dance


    The Cat-headed Lion Dance of the Hakka is a folk dance that has been passed on from ancient times.

  • Conghua Aqua Dance

    Conghua Aqua Dance


    With a 200-year-long history, the Conghua aqua dance is one of the most popular folk dances in Caotangshe Village of Wenquan Town in Conghua.

  • Hakka Folk Song

    Hakka Folk Song


    The Conghua Hakka folk song has a long history that dates back to ancient times when people from northern China first moved south to Conghua.

  • Shangdeng



    The folk practice of lanterns light or Shangdeng in Chinese has a long history in Guangzhou's Conghua district.

  • Folk practices for Qingming Festival

    Folk practices for Qingming Festival


    According to the Chronicle of Conghua County, local people historically placed peach and willow branches, grass and other items at the entrance of their houses during Qingming Festival, or Tomb-sweeping Festival, wishing to dispel misfortunes and ghosts.

  • Zhicaimen



    With a history of over 400 years, the practice of throwing fireworks into "lucky" doors or Zhicaimen in Chinese is an important folk event held by people in Conghua district of Guangzhou to celebrate traditional Spring Festival, the Chinese lunar New Year.