• Modern intelligent logistics industrial base

    Modern intelligent logistics industrial base


    Conghua will construct a modern intelligent logistics industry system which is supported by modern "Internet of Things" technology and is aimed at serving production and life in the neighborhood.

  • Intelligent Equipment Industrial Base

    Intelligent Equipment Industrial Base


    Conghua is devoted to the cultivation and development of emerging intelligent industries, the informationization, industrialization, capital increase, production expansion, transformation and upgrading of existing intelligent equipment enterprises.

  • Biomedical industry base

    Biomedical industry base


    Located in the Mingzhu Industrial Park, Conghua International Biomedical Innovation Park focuses on pharmaceutical preparation technology and biomedical engineering technology, and has three major functional areas, namely its production area, its comprehensive functional area (scientific research and incubation center and headquarters economy) and its living facility area.

  • Modern equine Industry

    Modern equine Industry


    Conghua is actively building a special modern equestrian industry.

  • Liuxi Hot Spring Tourism Resort Zone

    Liuxi Hot Spring Tourism Resort Zone


    Liuxi Hot Spring Tourism Resort Zone, with a planned area of 29.28 sq km, is 83km away from the urban area of Guangzhou, and has a forest coverage rate of 70 percent.

  • Wanhua Garden

    Wanhua Garden


    Located in Chengjiao Subdistrict, Wanhua Garden has a total planned construction area of about 27,000 mu(18 square kilometers), and is one of Guangzhou's 29 modern urban agricultural demonstration parks.

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