Biomedical industry base

Updated:  2021-03-16


Located in the Mingzhu Industrial Park, Conghua International Biomedical Innovation Park focuses on pharmaceutical preparation technology and biomedical engineering technology, and has three major functional areas, namely its production area, its comprehensive functional area (scientific research and incubation center and headquarters economy) and its living facility area. 

Utilizing its research and development center and incubator, it will create platforms for new drug development, testing and certification, achievement transformation, whole industry chain integrating production, research and development, incubation, testing and supply chain management, and a professional biomedical park with continuous innovation capabilities. 

Based on the GBA (Conghua) biomedical industry innovation platform, the largest experimental animal industry in China (such as Guangdong Blooming-Spring Biological Technology Development Co Ltd and Conghua Huazhen Animal Farm, the only whole-process public service platform for good laboratory practices in Southern China (such as the GLP platform of Guangdong Lewwin Pharmaceutical Research Institute Co, Ltd.), the national research and development platform for extraction and separation process of traditional Chinese medicine (such as Guangzhou Hanfang Pharmaceutical Co), and the largest stem cell center in China (such as Guangzhou Saliai Stem Cell Science and Technology Co Ltd) , it is committed to filling in the gaps in the key technology services of the GBA's biomedical industry chain, integrating drug research and development, safety evaluation, and comprehensive services, and participating in the construction of the biomedical industry cluster in the GBA.