Intelligent Equipment Industrial Base

Updated:  2021-03-16


Conghua is devoted to the cultivation and development of emerging intelligent industries, the informationization, industrialization, capital increase, production expansion, transformation and upgrading of existing intelligent equipment enterprises such as Nandun Technology, Wayful Technology and Heron Machinery and Electronics, the agglomeration of a number of upstream and downstream industries, and the overall improvement of the intelligent equipment industry. 


With the aim of building an intelligent equipment demonstration zone with regional influence and promoting the development of intelligent manufacturing clusters, Conghua will give priority to innovation, accelerate the development of Liando U Valley Industrial Park and Qiaofeng Robot Artificial Intelligence Industrial Park, construct a multi-functional robotics system integrated application base, a pharmaceutical and household appliance robot automatic production base and a robot research base, seek to set up an "Internet + intelligent manufacturing" industrial park, develop its "Internet + intelligent manufacturing" industrial sector, and plan the research, development and manufacturing of household appliance chips and the research, development and manufacturing of UAVs and other projects.