Folk practices for Qingming Festival

Updated:  2021-03-30


According to the Chronicle of Conghua County, local people historically placed peach and willow branches, grass and other items at the entrance of their houses during Qingming Festival, or Tomb-sweeping Festival, wishing to dispel misfortunes and ghosts.

The practice remains popular in Conghua today and willow branches are a major symbolic item on the special occasion. Therefore, local people have developed a habit of placing willow branches at the entrance of their houses from childhood, in hopes of looking for a better life and keeping far away from diseases.

Apart from placing willow branches in their houses, local people often eat some special foods during the Tomb-sweeping Festival in memory of their ancestors.

People working in other places and married women are expected to return to their birthplace, pay tribute to their ancestors, burn joss sticks and paper offerings in their ancestral hall or temples.