Jindong Peach Blossom Town

Updated:  2021-05-06


Peach Blossom Town, located in Jindong County south of Jiangpu Street of Conghua, covers a total area of 9.6 sq km, and has its core area in Jinsan village. The town has maintained a sound ecological environment with strength in farming.

The local agricultural specialties around the year include peach blossoms in spring; litchi, longan and wampee in summer; tomatoes in fall; and Citrus Shatangju and watercress in winter. Among them, peach planting has reached 700 mu(466,667 sq m), involving more than 300 farmer households, with a history of more than three decades.

Thanks to unique geographical advantages, local peach blossoms are sold to markets in the Pearl River Delta, Hong Kong and Macao. For years, local peach blossoms have been accredited as the "Peach Blossom King" in the annual floral competition in Guangzhou. The Guiwei litchi from Shuiting is a best seller in Chinese and overseas markets, and was reputed as a Guangzhou Leading Agriculture Product of 2002.

For the 2017-2019 period, Jindong Peach Blossom Day, a model rural revitalization and agricultural event, has attracted over 400,000 visitors with total revenue exceeding8 million yuan($1.24million).

The project covers a total area of approximately 6,000 mu(4 sq km), with investment of 5 billion yuan. Themed as "love and forest", it sets to develop nine business lines, including culture and tourism complexes, a kids' experience and training center and a timber house hotel, under four sub-topics including culture, exploration, adventure and healing, in two phases spanning over three years. Its goal is to be a global destination for vacation and health with service offerings in forest culture, experience, rehabilitation and adventure.