AIRice Town

Updated:  2021-05-07


Located at the northern foot of Fengyunling Forest Park in Jiekou Subdistrict of Conghua, AIRice Town has a total planned area of 4,500 mu(3 sq km). It intends to become a "rural compound on paddy fields" with integrated business including rice growing, innovative rural sightseeing, agricultural R&D, rice processing, science education, rural vacationing, mountain sports and camping, and rural creative products.

Positioned as an "AI-assisted Agriculture High-tech Town in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao", the town runs a core business in rice farming. Supported by AIRice's 5G digital farming system, local farmers have realized comprehensive digitalized management of rice plantations, including field conditions, planting and the environment, for lower management cost, lower manual input, and higher efficiency.

No fertilizer, chemicals or pesticides are used over the growth course of the germinated rice, and no additives are used in processing, so as to ensure the quality of products. The marketing effort has been integrated with the e-commerce strategy where online community and membership systems are in place to realize online ordering and offline farm experience activities.