Ancient Courier Road Town

Updated:  2021-05-07


The Ancient Courier Road Town is located at Taiping town, the southern gateway to Conghua. Its core area – Qiangang Village – has a history of over 800 years, even longer than Conghua itself. 

Since the family of Song Dynasty (960-1279) Prime Minister Lu Xiufu moved here after a failed coup, Qiangang Village has experienced historic milestones, such as building of the Guangyu Ancestral Temple in the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), the Dongjiang Guerrilla Force in the War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression (1931-45), and the Qiangang Self-defense Force.

Qiangang is the start of the ancient courier road of Conghua and was a pivot in the development of local culture. Now the town has three sites presenting relics from the Ancient Courier Road, including the Qingyou Ancient Road, Sankengkou Stone, and the Xiaoshejing Ancient Road.

The town boasts diversified cultural resources supported by integrated cultural offerings of Red Culture, Ancestral Temple Culture, and Lingnan Folk Culture. Currently, there are as many as 15 fixed cultural relics, including the national priority cultural relic protection site Guangyu Ancestral Temple, the municipal cultural relic protection site Lu Family Grand Ancestral Temple, and five categories of intangible cultural heritages, including Hong Sheng Day and basket throwing.

Revolving around the Southern Canton Ancient Courier Road, the town uses three themes – Qiangang Ancient Village, Litchis, and rural mountains and waters - to fully develop local historic and cultural resources and represent lifestyles of living, tourism, and farming from the Song Dynasty (960-1279), with three main approaches relating to ancient villages, inter-connectivity and communities. It develops all-area tourism featuring Conghua Ancient Courier Road culture.