• Eco-design Town

    Eco-design Town


    The eco-design town is located at the Liuxi Hot Spring Scenic Spot in Conghua, Guangzhou, and covers a planned area of 801 hectares.

  • Mibu village

    Mibu village


    Mibu village, situated in Conghua Eco-health Valley, is surrounded by streams.

  • Xitang Fairytale Town

    Xitang Fairytale Town


    Xitang village, located in Aotou village southwest of Conghua district, is situated near rivers and hills, where flowers bloom all year around.

  • Shimen National Forest Park

    Shimen National Forest Park


    Shimen National Forest Park, located in Conghua district of Guangzhou, has a total area of 2,626.67 hectares, with a forest coverage rate as high as 96.76 percent.

  • Southern Medicine Town

    Southern Medicine Town


    Southern Medicine Town covers Getang and Liantang villages in full, with a total planned area of 15.67 square kilometers.

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