• Bishuiwan Hot Spring Resort

    Bishuiwan Hot Spring Resort


    Bishuiwan Hot Spring Resort lies midway along the 80-Kilometer Conghua Green Corridor.

  • Liuxi River National Forest Park

    Liuxi River National Forest Park


    Liuxi River National Forest Park, situated in the northeast of Conghua, Guangzhou and with a total area of 8,831 hectares, is one of the first ten national forest parks to be approved by the Ministry of Forestry of China.

  • Gutian Town

    Gutian Town


    Gutian Town is located in Tangtian village of Lyutian town, 113 km from downtown Guangzhou.

  • AIRice Town

    AIRice Town


    Located at the northern foot of Fengyunling Forest Park in Jiekou Subdistrict of Conghua, AIRice Town has a total planned area of 4,500 mu(3 sq km).

  • Ancient Courier Road Town

    Ancient Courier Road Town


    The Ancient Courier Road Town is located at Taiping town, the southern gateway to Conghua. Its core area – Qiangang Village – has a history of over 800 years, even longer than Conghua itself.

  • Xihe Town of Chengjiao Subdistrict

    Xihe Town of Chengjiao Subdistrict


    Xihe Town, located in Chengjiao Subdistrict of Conghua district, accredited as a provincial-level floral industrial park, has a goal of becoming a national-level modern floral industrial park.

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