Xihe Town of Chengjiao Subdistrict

Updated:  2021-05-07


Xihe Town, located in Chengjiao Subdistrict of Conghua district, accredited as a provincial-level floral industrial park, has a goal of becoming a national-level modern floral industrial park. The town integrates floral, scenic and cultural elements into a "nine-mile floral street" of special charms.

Based on Wanhua Park, Xihe Town will build an urban cultural pilot that realizes centralized clustering development of sight-seeing agriculture in urban areas. Now, it hosts 38 businesses of some scale that operate approximately 11,000 mu(7.33 sq km) of floral plantation.

Under the theme of "floral industry, high-quality rural stay, culture and art, and family time", Xihe offers modern service projects such as floral admiration, fruit picking, boutique rural stays, and vacationing, as well as modern agricultural businesses such as sight-seeing and rural visits. Its potted plants, orchids, succulents, and nursery stocks are sold to Hong Kong, Macao and Southeast Asian markets.

Utilizing its exiting floral business resources, the town has launched themed scenic spots such as a Succulents Recreational Zone, the Date of Rose Flower Terrace, and the New-era Practice Culture Corridor. There are five tourist spots, including two national 3A-level spots – Baoqu Rose World and Daqiu Mansion – one prospective national 4A-level spot (Tianshi Sakura Fun Park), and the first vacationing and study trip camp in Guangzhou, the Northern Latitude23°8′ Forest Camp.

The first Cantonese Cuisine Chef Training Center in Guangdong province is located here, and has trained over 1,200 people in 98 classes. This program promotes the cuisine culture of Guangdong and develops "tourism + food" as "new engines" for the rural tourism industry in Xihe.