Conghua embraces lychee harvest season Updated:  2021-06-15


As the key growing area for later-maturing lychee varieties, Conghua is expecting a full harvest of its lychees in the middle of June. 

The lychee yield this year is fairly large, with an expected output of 65,000 tons. The most popular varieties, such as Guiwei, Nuomici and Jinggang Hongnuo, are now ripe and ready for customers. 

As a major lychee production base, the lychee business has long been a pillar for Conghua's fruit industry. The recorded history of lychee planting in Conghua dates back almost 300 years. 

In November 1981, with a lychee planting area of 1,467 hectares, Conghua was listed as one of the country's seven key lychee counties. 

In 1996, the lychee planting area increased to 7,267 hectares. Conghua was approved by the State Council as a lychee production base. 

In 2004, the lychee planting area in Conghua was 15,780 hectares, 11 times larger than that of 1979. 

Now, the lychee planting area in Conghua stands at 20,000 hectares, accounting for 7.3 percent of the total in Guangdong province. Major premium varieties are Liuxi Guiwei, Qiangang Nuomici, Wenquan Huaizhi and Jinggang Hongnuo. 

The district houses over 1,000 lychee-related enterprises and more than 300,000 lychee farmers. 

At the China International Forum on Green Development held in September 2020, Conghua was awarded the title of "Hometown of Lychees in China". There are 116 lychee varieties grown in Conghua, 18 of which are national key research trial varieties. 


Efforts have been stepped up in recent years to expand lychee sales channels. Lychee customization campaigns have been launched three years in a row, with marketing upgrades each year. Cooperation with mega online sales and logistics enterprises such as is carried out to help realize the industrial transformation of the lychee industry in Conghua.