Greater Bay Eco-Design Town

Updated:  2021-03-16


The eco-design town is the headquarters of the World Eco-design Conference and the birthplace of the global eco-design industry. It is engaged in industrial design, commercial design and intelligent design, ranging from digital art to intelligent machinery, artistic creation and intelligent agriculture, in a drive to better honor the concept that clear waters and green mountains are invaluable assets, channel ecological advantages into development strengths, build a provincial and national demonstration zone of rural revitalization, and explore new ways in which large cities like Guangzhou can implement the national strategy of rural revitalization.

With a planned area of 4.8 square kilometers, the eco-design town was built in three separate stages (2018-22). Eco-design road renovations and the venue for the World Eco-design Conference completed construction in 2018.

It is home to 76 eco-design projects and six relevant firms. A program of integrated circuit and digital art has already been put into operation, with an anticipated annual output of about 5 billion yuan($769.59 million).

Furthermore, four leading enterprises-universities-research institution alliances such as the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Digital Creation and Vocational Education Enterprises and Universities Alliance, the Hong Kong Low-carbon Design Center, Macao Technological Design Center, and the Innovative Design Project Center for Computer Assistive Products under the Ministry of Education have made their presence felt in the eco-design town.

The Greater Bay Area Open University of Design is in full operation, injecting new vitality into talent cultivation, technological exchanges and industrial development in the region.