Conghua Economic Development Zone (Mingzhu Industrial Park)

Updated:  2021-03-16


Mingzhu Industrial Park is located in the central and western parts of Conghua district and covers six areas. With a planned area of 107 sq km, it was formally approved by the Guangdong Provincial People's Government in November 2002. The largest industrial development zone in Conghua, it has received a number of awards and titles such as the  national innovation base for technology-driven business prosperity, national demonstration base for distributed PV power generation, and Guangzhou strategic and emerging industries (new energies) base.

Mingzhu Industrial Park focuses on development of advanced manufacturing industries such as bio-medicine, new energy and new materials in a move to build advanced and high-quality modern industrial systems.

With a planned area of 4.24 sq km, the Bio-medicine Health Industrial Base is committed to the development of health-related industries, which include pharmaceuticals, dietary supplements, functional foods and medical machinery. It will give priority to the building of research institutes, incubation centers and the management of supply chains, build technological and public services platforms through joint efforts made by enterprises, universities and research organizations, and create an innovation-driven and sustainable development park featuring bio-medicine and ecological elements.

With a planned area of about 5 sq km, the New Energy Industrial Base has been mainly engaged in new energy vehicles, solar energy and distributed PV power generation. In addition, it will further promote the building of national new energy industrial clusters.

With a planned area of 4.5 sq km, the New Materials Industrial Base focuses on the development of four major sectors like advanced particles, new materials, fine chemicals and special metals. It will push forward with an effort to develop into an industrial cluster and a base of new materials and become a leading industrial cluster in strategic and emerging sectors.