Conghua Economic Development Zone (High-tech Industrial Park)

Updated:  2021-03-16


The high-tech industrial park is located in southern Conghua district, Guangzhou, capital of South China's Guangdong province. It is adjacent to China-Singapore Guangzhou Knowledge City and the Guangzhou Airport Economic Zone.

With a planned area of 15.3 square kilometers, it was formally approved by the Guangdong Provincial People's Government in 1987, and has become a major economic engine for northern Guangzhou.

Enjoying unique transport advantages, the high-tech industrial park and its neighboring areas are a key node in the north of Guangzhou’s three-dimensional transport network.

With the completion of the Conghua-Huangpu Highway, the northern section of the Third Ring Highway and the upgrading of the 14th Metro Line and Guangzhou-Conghua Expressway, people can reach Tianhe CBD and Baiyun International Airport within 30 minutes from the park. In addition, it takes them less than an hour to travel to all major transportation hubs in the Pearl River Delta region. In addition to those advantages, the park has easy access to rich and high-quality education, healthcare and business resources.

A dozen Fortune Global 500 companies such as Unilever, Avon and Heinz have made their  investment in the high-tech industrial park, which has already developed a modern industrial system led by bio-medicine, intelligent machinery, fine chemicals and green food.

Guided by the planning and construction paradigm of "one park, one road and two industrial bases," the high-tech industrial park is committed to developing headquarters economy and modern service industry, accelerating building of local infrastructure, improving its quality and performance, furthering its capacity and business attractiveness, and creating an international business environment.

"One park" refers to the core area of the modern service industry. It will focus on the development of the production-oriented services and the building of auxiliary residential facilities.

"One road" refers to Gaohu Road, which runs from north to south in the high-tech industrial park and connects the Daqing-Guangzhou Expressway in the north with China-Singapore Guangzhou Knowledge City in the south in a drive to better complement the advantages and share resources with the knowledge city.

"Two industrial bases" refers to modern logistics and artificial intelligence(AI) industrial bases. The modern logistics industrial base is optimizing its natural advantages as being an integral part of the comprehensive transportation network in northern Guangzhou and has brought in Yunda Express in a move to build a modern logistics industrial base in the Pearl River Delta region and south China.

Meanwhile, the AI industrial base has accommodated the transfer of IAB (new-generation information technology, artificial intelligence and biomedicine) industries and welcomed Liandong U Valley and Qiaofeng Robotics firms with the aim of building an AI industrial cluster and regional technological innovation platform.