Sugar oranges ready for harvest in Conghua Updated:  2021-12-28


It's harvest time for sugar oranges, a major fruit variety in Conghua district of Guangzhou, Guangdong province.

At the He'an fruit cooperative in Pingtouling, Tankou village of Aotou town, the sugar orange trees are wide spread with orange and semi-orange fruits hanging from their branches.


Located in the deep mountain area of Tankou village at an altitude of five to six hundred meters, the plantation has abundant sunshine and a superior natural environment. A spray system is installed across the plantation for watering, fertilization and pesticide application. The mountain spring water together with the environment as well as the management contribute to the good taste of the sugar oranges. 


The roughly 12,000 sugar oranges trees grown at the plantation have a total annual output of around 350,000 kilograms. Despite the lack of rain this year, the yield is more than last year's thanks to good management.