Liuxi River National Forest Park attractions Ⅲ Updated:  2021-12-10

Featured Attractions: plum blossoms in the winter and red leaves in the autumn

Monument to Martyrs of the Chinese People's War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression

The granite monument was built on Niubeiji Mountain in commemoration of the martyrs during the Chinese People's War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression (1931-1945). The names of the martyrs, who belonged to the 157th division of the 62th Kuomingtang Army, are engraved on the monument. Facing broad waters, the monument has attracted visitors who come to, pay tribute to the martyrs buried there. It has become a patriotic education site.

Human-face-shaped rock

There is a giant stone in the shape of human face on the bank of Liuxi Dam. The stone measures eight meters high and five meters wide.

Liuxi Dam

The dam was built from 1956 to 1958 and boasts multiple functions such as flood control, agricultural irrigation, electricity generation and tourism. It is 78 meters high and 2 meters wide at the top, with a 255.2-meter radian. Supporting facilities include flood-diversion tunnels, diversion tunnels for the discharge of water used for electricity generation, and a back-up dam.

Xiaolijiang River

Xiaolijiang River is located in the northeastern section of the forest park and surrounded by mountains on both sides. There are many birds and trees in the area. Going upstream on the river, visitors will find opportunities to appreciate the beauty of nature. In early winter, the leaves along the river turn red, which creates a pretty scene on the river..

Snow-like blossom on Liuxi River (from Dec 10 to Jan 10)


Snow-like blossom is a unique tourist attraction in the Liuxi River National Forest Park in winter. attracting tourists from home and abroad. Over 10,000 plum trees will bloom every December, forming an eye-catching landscape against the backdrop of clear water and lush mountains. Visitors often come here to appreciate and take photos of the plum blossoms.

Red leaves in Liuxi River (from November to late January the next year)


The leaves of wax trees, nutgall trees, Chinese tallow trees and Chinese sweetgum in Liuxi River National Forest Park will turn red from late November to early January. Red leaves will add additional beauty to Liuxi Lake and Little Lijiang River.

Mountain Spring Swimming Pool (from the May Day holiday to the National Day Golden Week)

The pool is filled with spring water from Wuzhi Mountain, which is about five kilometers away. The water is top quality and drinkable. After swimming, you’ll feel cool and fresh. The spring water is also rich in mineral elements that are good for the skin.