Liuxi River National Forest Park attractions Ⅱ Updated:  2021-12-10

Liuxi Lake Scenic Area: a sea of flowers

Wooden plank road around the lake


People can take a "forest bath" and appreciate Liuxi Lake while walking on a wooden plank road surrounded with lush trees. In addition, they can also enjoy the scenery of Wuzhi Mountain, Jizhen Mountain, Guangtou Island, Monkey Island and Egret Island.

Mulan Avenue

The avenue is about two kilometers long. Magnolias and golden wattles grow on its two sides. The street will become a sea of flowers when the flowers blossom in the early spring, attracting tourists during Spring Festival, which falls around that time.

Flower Sea


The garden, which covers an area of 5 mu (0.33 hectare), has been planted with different species of flowers for different seasons, such as snapdragons, spiderflowers, coreopsis and sunflowers. People may forget their worries and appreciate tranquility while visiting.

Botanical Garden

The garden was co-built by the Guangzhou Bureau of Forestry and the Forestry Park in 1990. It is home to over 100 rare and endangered wild plants, which include ancient spinulose trees, golden camellias (Camellia chrysantha) and cathaya argyrophylla.

Renshan Zhishui Pavilion

The pavilion provides visitors with a good choice to appreciate the beautiful scenery of the surrounding mountains and lake.

Paintball Field Club

It is one of China's first field operation game clubs. Three combat zones, which feature a contest for high ground, blocking battles in a forest and forest-based guerrilla activities, have been set up in the forest park, which offer thrilling experiences.

Liuxi Lake


A tourism project has transformed the former Liuxi River reservoir into the Liuxi Lake. Surrounded by mountains, the lake has heavenly sceneries from different viewpoints.