Liuxi River National Forest Park attractions Ⅰ Updated:  2021-12-10

Wuzhi Mountain Scenic Spot: A "natural oxygen bar"

Sanyatang Wading


Sanyatang Wading is Guangzhou's first tourism route developed by Liuxi River National Forest Park to allow visitors to explore sub-tropical mountainous rain forests. The 2.5-kilometer route is located in the Wuzhi Mountain Scenic Spot. Going upward along the creeks, tourists will be impressed with the tourism route in terms of its unique landforms, forest resources, diverse wildlife, sound ecological environment and eye-catching scenery. The area’s forest coverage has reached 98 percent and its annual average temperature is about 19.1 degrees Celsius. Its fresh air has a negative oxygen ion content of over 100,000 ions per cubic centimeter, making it a "natural oxygen bar".

Luhutian Tea Garden

Luhutian Tea Garden is a slice of land selected by a tea plant in Liuxi River Forest Farm to grow high-quality tea species from Southwest China's Yunnan province. In early spring, the garden is often surrounded by mist and fog. The hand-made green tea leaves made there  is a mild green color, and smells and tastes fragrant.

Yueya Lake


Yueya (crescent) Lake got its name from its crescent shape and is supplied by spring water from the Wuzhi Peaks. A sightseeing corridor has been built and hundreds of cherry trees have been planted in the area. Every spring, when the cherries are in blossom, the scenery is spectacular.

Wuzhi Peaks


Four peaks of Wuzhi Mountain have an altitude of over 1,000 meters, with the highest peak is 1,086 meters.  The area is blessed with a sound ecological environment and unique alpine eco-tourism resources such as forests, lakes and waterfalls.

Liuxi Bamboo Sea

Liuxi Bamboo Garden, located in Liuxi River National Forest Park, has been planted with over 20 species of bamboo. Dating back over 100 years, it has become the largest bamboo garden in Guangzhou.

Sightseeing Corridor


Overlooking the Liuxi River from the Sightseeing Corridor, the river is like a giant jade plate with islands like jade pieces scattered on the plate. The most beautiful spot for an aerial view is at the north of the park, which has the most clustered islands.