Conghua's latest maturing lychee variety in market Updated:  2021-07-30

With the majority of lychee varieties having been harvested, the Shuangke Huaizhi variety in Conghua in the South China's Guangdong province, the latest one to mature in the district, is embracing its harvest season.

The Shuangke Huaizhi lychee is a star product of Nanping village in the Wenquan town in Conghua. The village has a lychee planting area of 4,000 mu (267 hectares), mostly given to Shuangke Huaizhi and Guiwei varieties. Its lychee output in 2021 so far is 1.5 million kilograms, with harvesting time continuing until early August.

The orchard of Shuangke Huaizi variety is located on the mountain top and the best picking time of the day is from dawn till 10 am, according to Hui, a local lychee planter: “It tastes better if picked earlier in the day.” The family picks about 500 kilograms of lychees every day which they transport two or three times a day to sell to the fruit vendors at the foot of the mountain.