Dragon fruit in Conghua available all year round

chinadaily.com.cn Updated:  2021-07-21

The dragon fruit orchard in Jinggang village of Conghua district in Guangdong province is now welcoming its fifth round of harvest this year.

The orchard takes up 80 mu (5.3 hectares) and started planting dragon fruit back in 2019. Thanks to scientific technology, the dragon fruit in the orchard can be harvested 16 times a year. A new hybrid variety has been bred this year and will hit the market by the year's end.

Fruit vendors have been happy with the quality of the fruit and are committed to making big orders once harvest time arrives. Online and offline sales, as well as on-site picking are all available at the orchard.

Aiming to realize rural revitalization in Conghua, fruit growing provides employment for local residents, brings new technology and helps increase the income of local farmers.