Conghua figs at market Updated:  2021-07-20

Conghua district of Guangzhou, the capital city of South China's Guangdong province, is embracing the harvest season of figs. Starting in July, the fruit is available for picking all the way through to December. 

At the Longjun farmers professional cooperative in Tangtian village of Conghua, the mellow fruit weigh down the branches, ready to be picked. The fig orchard is 105 mu (7 hectares) in size and commenced mass fig growing in 2018. High-volume fruit-bearing starts three years after the fruit is planted. This year, being the third year since planting, the 38,000 fig trees are fruitful in the orchard. 

Besides fresh fruits, processed fig products such as dried figs and fig wine are also available at the cooperative. 

Address: Longjun farmers professional cooperative, Tangtian village, Lyutian town, Conghua district, Guangzhou.