Conghua lychee sales heat up Updated:  2021-07-13

Conghua's marketing campaigns help to boost lychee sales this year, despite the COVID-19 resurgence in May in South China's Guangdong province, where Conghua lies. 

Until July 6, a total of 49,200 tons of lychees, or 75.6 percent of the district's total output this year, had been sold out. 

A combination of online marketing campaigns and the expansion of offline sales channels have contributed to the strong sales. 

Major online marketing and sales events were launched when Conghua lychees started to ripen in June. Press, radio and television outlets in Guangdong were mobilized to launch lychee sales programs in the form of short videos, live broadcasts and livestreams. 

Meanwhile, lychee sales went viral on major online platforms such as e-commerce giants and TMALL as well as short-video platform Douyin. 

Due to the fruit's increased sales performance, pre-cooling and cold chain technologies were applied to preserve the freshness and quality of the newly picked lychees. 

Sales stations were also set up throughout the district for both local consumers and out-of-town buyers. With the help of the district's supply and marketing cooperatives and fruit sales companies, the lychee sales channels have been expanded and thus brought more income for local lychee farmers. 

Export is another major channel for Conghua lychee sales. With the advanced preservation technology, Conghua lychees have been delivered to more than 10 countries, including Canada, the United States, Britain, France, the Netherlands, Indonesia and Thailand.