Conghua's lychee sellers explore new sales channels Updated:  2021-06-25


The busiest time of the year for Conghua's lychee industry is coming.

With the Guiwei and Nuomici varieties of lychee fully ripe, to be followed by the Jinggang Nongnuo, Huaizhi and the seedless varieties, Conghua's lychee farmers are fully engaged in picking, packaging and delivering the fruit to all over the country.


Lychee sellers are more focused on online channels such as e-commerce and live-streaming platforms due to the impact of the COVID-19 resurgence in Guangdong, which started in May. 

With the enhanced capacity of the district's lychee processing sector, 50 percent of this year's lychee harvest will be used for processing, a 15 percent increase. Thanks to innovative developments, the processed lychee products now include new members such as champagne, red tea, pastries and yogurt, in addition to the traditional dried lychees and lychee wine.