Social organizations contribute to Conghua lychee sales Updated:  2021-06-24

With the late-maturing Conghua lychees entering the market, the clients of this year's lychee charity customization campaign have started to receive fresh lychees. 

Conghua is embracing a good harvest of lychees this year. But the COVID-19 resurgence in Guangdong province, where Conghua lies, has impacted the sales of its lychees. 

According to an official from the district's charity association, helping the sales of Conghua lychees is not only a business matter but also something that helps increase lychee farmers' incomes – contributing to the rural revitalization of Conghua. 

As an indispensable force in Conghua's rural revitalization, social organizations have played a unique role in the district's lychee customization campaign. This year, the district's charity association has mobilized various social organizations at the provincial, municipal and district levels to buy lychees through pre-sale purchase. 

As of June 17, more than 70 social organizations have participated in the charity customization campaign, with a total order value of nearly 700,000 yuan ($108,000). 

With the sticky COVID-19 situation in Guangdong, enterprises and social organizations who have ordered lychees this year are donating them to social workers and volunteers who have been working hard in the fight against the virus. 

Moreover, the district's charity association will hold fundraising events at the end of June to purchase lychees and donate them to special groups, including poverty-stricken Party members, children at old revolutionary bases and frontline medical workers. 

“We welcome more social organizations, enterprises and individuals to join the Conghua lychee charity customization campaign this year to contribute to the revitalization of Conghua,” said an official from the district's charity association.