Conghua homes five demo sites for animal husbandry Updated:  2021-12-27

Five animal husbandry enterprises in Conghua district in Guangzhou, Guangdong province have been named as demonstration sites for standardization of livestock and poultry breeding in the province, according to a recent release from the provincial department of agriculture and rural affairs.

The five enterprises are Guangzhou Yihao Biotechnology Co. Ltd., Guangdong Guyue Technology Co. Ltd., Guangzhou Dairy Cattle  Research Institute Co. Ltd., Guangzhou Nordic Farm Agricultural Development Co. Ltd. and Guangzhou Tiansheng Weikang Food Co. Ltd.

To be a demonstration site for livestock and poultry breeding standardization, a farm needs to have standardized and modern production as its core, with high production efficiency, environmental friendliness, safe products, and advanced management, which is then approved and made public by the relevant authority.

Yihao Biotechnology: full automation and green circulation


Guangzhou Yihao Biotechnology Co. Ltd. is mainly engaged in the production and sale of layer chickens and eggs. It boasts a full industrial chain spanning breeding, processing, sci-tech innovation research and development. The company is playing a leading role in building the layer chicken industrial park in the district, which is now a provincial-level modern agricultural industrial park, into a full chain industrial park that provides premium quality eggs and processed egg products to the Guangdong-Hong Kong- Macao Greater Bay Area.

The company's Xincun pullet farm started construction in 2019 with an investment of over 100 million yuan ($ 15.70 million). With a designed breeding capacity of 1.76 million chickens, it is the biggest pullet farm in Asia. The farm adopts a closed-off, automated and smart cage breeding mode.

In terms of resource recycling, the farm adopts an automated breeding mode that is water efficient and environmentally friendly. It also cooperates with other partners to recycle chicken manure or to turn it into organic fertilizer that again achieves green breeding. 

Guyue Technology: automated production to lead the industry


Established on Jan 24, 2018, Guyue Technology is a sci-tech oriented modern agricultural and animal husbandry enterprise, mainly engaged in boar breeding and high-quality boar semen production and sales.

The company's boar gene bank was established in 2019 and is a world-class gene bank for high-quality boar semen production. The company adopts high-tech production systems such as a fully-sealed positive pressure mode, fully-automated air-conditioning, air filtration and drinking water filtration, feeding, semen collection and transmission, as well as intelligent semen analysis, detection and packaging. 

Dairy Cattle Research Institute: technology-boosted cowshed yields milk all year round

Located in Taiping town, the Dairy Cattle Research Institute has a breeding capacity of 1,500 cows. Given the high temperature in summertime which significantly decreases milk production, the company adopted LPCV technology to design and build its main cowshed and achieved milk production all year round for the first time in the province. This also maintains environmental control over the herd, greatly boosting prevention and control of epidemics and pollution.

Since the end of 2017, the company have introduced over 900 purebred cows, which has now expanded to 1,500 via herd breeding, with a daily output of more than 10 tons of fresh milk and an overall output of over 6,000 kilograms in 305 days. 

Nordic Farm: integrated breeding mode of autotrophy to build a smart farm

The company adopts an integrated eco-breeding mode of autotrophy and is equipped with a series of advanced facilities for everything from hog houses to feeding, and from air control to environmental protection mechanisms. Based on over 20-year experience of hog breeding, the company pioneered introduction of intelligent breeding technology and healthy breeding concepts from Europe and achieved targeted feeding via big data management. With appropriate facility allocation and intelligent control of equipment, the company has achieved energy conservation, efficient land use, manpower optimization, and healthy growth of hogs. 

Tiansheng Weikang: building an ecological breeding base via intelligent closed-off management


Established in 2012, Tiansheng Weikang is a modern hog breeding base with an annual output of 200,000 hogs.

The company imported advanced breeding technologies, talents, equipment and business models from abroad, adopted intelligent closed-off management, and used energy-saving production equipment to create an environmentally-friendly and healthy breeding base.

It also adopted a modern and comprehensive enterprise management system. The company has been striving for integrated development of a full industrial chain covering breeding, processing, cold-chain transportation and sales in a bid to provide high-quality fresh meat products to customers and transform itself from a production-oriented enterprise to a service-oriented one.