Eco-design Town wins GBA Premium Travel Award Updated:  2021-09-23

The Eco-design Town in Conghua district of Guangzhou, capital of South China's Guangdong province, was named as a Premium Selected Eco Leisure Town of the Greater Bay Area (GBA) at the 5th Premium Travel Award Ceremony recently held in Shenzhen.


As a major award in China's tourism industry, the Premium Travel Award has been given out for five consecutive years. This year, the Eco-design Town was competing with renowned tourism and hotel brands such as IHG, Marriott, Shimao Star Hotels Group and Accor, and won the award with its excellent environment and outstanding leisure facilities and services.  

An oxygen bar close to urbanity

Nicknamed "Oasis on the Tropic of Cancer", Conghua is embraced by the 157-kilometer-long Liuxi River and over 1.8 million mu (120,000 hectares) of lush mountains with over 300 lakes and reservoirs scattered among them.


The Eco-design Town is located at the ecological heart of the GBA. Nurtured by Conghua's lucent waters and lush mountains, the town has a water area of 4.73 million square meters. With forest coverage of over 80 percent, it is a refreshing place for city dwellers to visit. 

A hot destination for families to enjoy rare hot springs


Tapping its rare natural resource of mineral-enriched baking soda and radon hot springs, the town remodeled old school and factory buildings into over 100 guestrooms and lofts with direct access to the hot springs, making it a perfect choice for families to enjoy nature's gift.