Xiangmi Moutain Ecological Resort

chinadaily.com.cn Updated:  2021-08-11


Located in Anshan village of Lyutian town, the resort boasts a 3,800 mu (253.33 hectares) orchard with over 1,600 mu being actively cultivated. Fruit grows all year round and brings a lingering floral and fruity scent to the resort  throughout the year, adding to the beauty of its mountain views. 

The orchard was honored among the Top 10 Most Beautiful Orchards in Guangdong in 2018.

The cozy and inviting B&B hotel in the resort is built around a lake and has a total of 29 rooms in different decoration styles. The serenity of the valley, the refreshing scent of the flowers, the humming of birds and the melody of the creeks will all transport you into a sweet dream world.

Address: No 23, Datang community, Anshan village, Lyutian town, Conghua district, Guangzhou