Conghua tourism route included in 2021 China rural leisure tourism route recommendation list Updated:  2021-07-28

At a recent tourism promotion event held by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, two tourism routes from South China's Guandong province were included in the recommendation list of 2021 China rural leisure tourism (summer) routes, with the Conghua eco-leisure agricultural tourism route as one of them.

The Conghua route is composed of six scenic spots representing the charm of Conghua.


1. The Ancient Courier Road Town

Linking the four villages of Qianggang village, Wenge village, Yancun village and Hongshi village in Taiping town, the Ancient Courier Road Town boasts rich historical and cultural heritage resources such as the Guangyu Ancestral Temple and the Lu Family Grand Ancestral Temple. It has the National Geographic Indication Products such as the Qiangang Nuomici lychee variety. The town has been recognized as a characteristic township combining tourism, sports, education, leisure and cultural entrepreneurship. 

Highlights: fruit picking, specialty food.

Address: Qiangang village, Taiping town, Conghua district, Guangzhou.


2. Southern Medicine Town

With a planned area of 15.56 square kilometers, the Southern Medicine Town covers Getang and Liantang villages in Taiping town. Boasting exceptional ecological and cultural resources as well as modern agricultural resource, the town focuses on plantations and Lingnan Chinese Medicine development, and aims to create an industry system integrating Chinese herbal medicine planting, science popularization and education, biomedical research and development, ecological agriculture, leisure and sightseeing, and B&B tourism. 

Highlights: science popularization and education, ecological tourism, leisure and health-keeping.

Address: Getang village, Taiping town, Conghua district, Guangzhou.


3. Liuxi Greenway

Built along the Liuxi River, the Liuxi Greenway is regarded as the most beautiful greenway in Guangzhou's suburbs. It is also the first greenway on water in Guangdong province. With a planned length of 109 kilometers, the greenway starts at the border between Taiping town and Huadu district of Guangzhou, crosses the Conghua downtown area and goes north past Hot Spring Town and Liangkou town to reach the Liuxi River National Forest Park. There are villages, orchards and fields along the way, all open to tourists. 

Highlights: fruit picking, sightseeing.

Address: North of Liuxi Hot Spring Sqaure, Yuquan Avenue, Conghua district, Guangzhou.


4. Jindong area of Jiangpu subdistrict

Occupying 26.82 square kilometers, Jindong area is positioned as a tourism and eco-residential area themed on peach blossoms and featuring Lingnan culture and Cantonese cuisine. The first Peach Blossom Festival launched in March 2018 attracted about 50,000 visitors. Tourists could taste a variety of local dishes there.   

Highlights: sightseeing, specialty food.

Address: Jindong area, Jiangpu subdistrict, Conghua district, Guangzhou.


5. Xihe Town

Housing 38 floral-related enterprises, Xihe Town boasts a flower planting industry focused on small potted plants, orchids, succulent plants and nursery stock. The floral products are popular in Hong Kong and Macao, and are exported to South East Asian countries.  The town has built a set of boutique B&B hotels, aiming to develop its urban sightseeing agriculture with the flower planting and leisure industries as the mainstays. The first Cantonese Cuisine Chef Training Center in Guangdong is also based here.

Highlights: sightseeing, B&B experience.

Address: Xihe village, Chengjiao subdistrict, Conghua district, Guangzhou.


6. Xitang Fairytale Town

Xitang Fairytale Town is located in Xitang village which lies to the north of Guangzhou city, west of Conghua district and northeast of Aotou town. Xitang village is about 60 kilometers from downtown Guangzhou and 13 kilometers from downtown Conghua district, with a jurisdiction area of about 4.2 square kilometers. One of the core villages to be built into the Conghua rural revitalization demonstration zone, Xitang village has achieved an improved ecological environment and better village governance, and has increased villagers' income. The village has won multiple honors at both provincial and municipal levels. 

Highlights: specialty ecological food, rural delicacies.

Address: Xitang village, Aotou town, Conghua district, Guangzhou.