Conghua village awarded beautiful leisure countryside Updated:  2021-07-22


Xihe village in Conghua district of Guangdong province was one of the 2020 China Beautiful Leisure Villages, according to the announcement of General Office of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs in last August.   

It was the only village from Guangzhou on the award list. The awarding for the title was held during a provincial rural industrial development work meeting on July 16.


With a total area of 5 square kilometers, the village is composed of six economic cooperatives and around 300 households. 

Utilizing its floral resources, the village hosts 38 floral-related businesses, including Baoqu Rose World and the Northern Latitude 23°8′ Forest Camp. Guangzhou Flower Research Center is also based in the village. 

Meanwhile, the village has built a set of boutique B&B hotels, aiming to develop the urban sightseeing agriculture with flower planting industry and the leisure industry as the mainstay. 

The first Cantonese Cuisine Chef Training Center in Guangdong was opened in 2018 in Xihe village, with a total of 23 top chefs in Cantonese cuisine. 

The village has also won multiple provincial-level titles, such as Guangdong Top 10 Rural Tourism Destinations and Guangdong Characteristic Villages.