Guangdong Lewwin Pharmaceutical Research Institute Co., Ltd.

Updated:  2021-04-07


Guangdong Lewwin Pharmaceutical Research Institute Co., Ltd. (Center for Drug Non-clinical Evaluation and Research of Guangdong Institute of Applied Biological Resources) is the first institute (currently the only one) in South China to own nine full GLP certification qualifications of NMPA, and to have been fully certified by AAALAC in a variety of animals (more than seven species). Lewwin as a non-clinical evaluation research technology platform has attained AAALAC International full accreditation in multi-business areas, and is the only Drug GLP certified institute that has won the "Outstanding Enterprise" award of the China Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition since the start of the competition; Lewwin owns the Guangdong Provincial Key Laboratory of Non-clinical Drug Evaluation and Research, the Non-clinical Evaluation Sub-center of Traditional Chinese Drugs of the National Engineering Research Center for Modernization of Traditional Chinese Drugs, the Guangdong new R&D institution, the Guangdong Engineering Research Center for Innovative Drug Evaluation and Research, the Guangdong Engineering Research Center for Ophthalmic Drug Creation and Evaluation (the Ophthalmic Drug Integrated Creation Platform of South China), the Guangdong Engineering Laboratory for Traditional Chinese Medicine Broken Wall Pieces, "Technology Platform for Drug Development and Evaluation Based on Molecular Imaging Technology" co-founded with the University of Virginia, "Research and Evaluation Center of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area for Anti-Tumor Drugs" co-founded with HKUST, and other facilities. Lewwin can provide new drug research and development, new drug screening, pharmacological efficacy, drug safety evaluation, pre-clinical toxicokinetics research, animal model preparation and research for human diseases, toxicology calculation and other professional technical services for biomedical research and development.

As the most qualified and leading GLP agency in South China, the Institute relies on its leading technology platform, research strength and first-class non-clinical evaluation of drug research capabilities in promoting GLP development in South China. In the mean time, it will play its own advantages on innovative drug development, cutting-edge technology research and scientific payoff transformation in order to provide critical support and technical services for enterprises and research institutes and to help the healthy and rapid development of the Chinese medicine economy in Guangdong province and throughout South China.