Event promotes new tech, Chinese brands

Canton Fair News Updated:  2021-10-18


The ongoing 130th China Import and Export Fair has been witnessing more high-quality exhibitors and new products reflecting strong scientific and technological capabilities.

Guangzhou municipal trade group, for example, brings many eye-catching high-tech products to the fair.

EHang, a local intelligent autonomous aerial vehicle company, debuts unmanned minibus and automated aerial vehicles.

Another Guangzhou company JNJ Spas displays its new underwater treadmill pool, which has received a lot of attention by integrating spa, exercise and rehabilitation functions.

Jiangsu provincial trade group has collected more than 200,000 low-carbon, environmentally friendly and energy-saving products for the fair, aiming to help China better develop both domestic and foreign markets in the green industry.

Jiangsu Dingjie Medical brings one of its latest research achievements, polyvinyl chloride and latex products.

It is the first time for the company to attend the fair offline. Focusing on the development of green composite materials, Dingjie Medical hopes to provide technical support for global epidemic prevention and control.

Zhejiang Auarita Pneumatic Tools brings new air and oil-free compressors that the company co-designed with an Italian partner. “During the on-site exhibition, we expect to sign 15 contracts worth about $1 million,” the company said.

The fair, first held 65 years ago, has always contributed to the rapid rise of Chinese brands. Zhejiang provincial trade group has made full use of the fair’s promotional resources by placing seven billboards, videos and four electromobiles with a logo of “high-quality Zhejiang goods” at the main entrances and exits of the exhibition hall.

It has also invested in an advertisement linking to a summary page of the local companies’ websites at a prominent place of the fair’s online exhibition website.

Hubei provincial trade group has organized 28 brand enterprises to participate in the offline exhibition and set up 124 booths for them, accounting for 54.6 percent of the group’s total.

The China Chamber of Commerce of Metals, Minerals and Chemicals Importers and Exporters will host an industrial promotion conference both online and offline during the fair, to release new products and boost e-commerce platforms of the industry.