Rural tourism in Conghua boosted during holiday Updated:  2021-10-11


The past National Day holiday witnessed a surge of tourists in Conghua district of Guangzhou, capital of South China's Guangdong province. 

In the streets and alleyways, at shopping malls and tourist spots, national flags were seen everywhere, which constituted to the thick festivity of the holiday and aroused a strong sense of patriotism from the people. 

Characteristic townships in Conghua were particularly popular with tourists. Take Nanping Jingxiu Town and Luodong Craftsman Town for example. In Nanping Jingxiu Town, the guesthouses and hotels were fully booked for the holiday long before the holiday started. Tourists were mainly from cities in the Pearl River Delta region, such as Zhuhai, Shenzhen and Guangzhou. Apart from the natural scenery, persimmon picking was another attraction for the tourists. In Luodong Craftsman Town, a series of cultural events and performances such as Lingnan puppet shows, handmade local snacks and handcraft shows, were held to offer fun cultural immersion for tourists.

The various scenic spots in Conghua presented a kaleidoscope of themed activities to provide fun and relaxation to tourists. The Liuxi River National Forest Park held a music festival themed on classic patriotic songs. The Tianren Shanshui scenic spot held an art week and field concerts, offering a chance to appreciate beauty in all dimensions. At Ketianxia Guangzhou International Tourist Resort, a light and shadow art festival was held to appreciate art from another perspective.

Due to COVID complications, residents were encouraged to spend the holiday close to home or at home. Communities held fun events for children. Urban residents chose to go to neighboring suburbs and the countryside to enjoy a few days of peace. The Conghua traffic police brigade went all out during the holiday on main roads and near scenic spots to eliminate potential traffic hazards and ensure smooth traffic during the holiday.