Portrait of rural revitalization – Wangchengnan community

chinadaily.com.cn Updated:  2021-09-18


The Wangchengnan community of Chengjiao subdistrict in Conghua district of Guangzhou has made tangible achievements over the last three years and was named as a demonstration for civilized communities in Guangzhou, capital of South China's Guangdong province. 

Effective social governance 

Wangchengnan has adopted a diversified means of social governance with extensive participation of social organizations under the Party's leadership. 

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, Party member volunteer teams have been established to lead all social forces in safeguarding the lives of the people. 

Nurturing civilized social atmosphere with volunteer service

The community established a volunteer service management system to encourage proactive participation by neighborhood enthusiasts and resident representatives to carry out cultural activities in the community. Five chorus teams have been established and various social morale educational events have been carried out. 

Town square becomeing a community park


As the only public venue for cultural activities in the community, Wangcheng Square went through a series of upgrades related to landscaping, its surrounding environment and facilities, and has become an important venue for social activities in the neighborhood. 

Improving infrastructure

Main roads have been renovated and greened, recreational facilities added, streets and alleyways cleaned up and greened in the community. The community built a cultural promotion corridor along the main road and it has become a pleasant bit of scenery for the residents.


Garbage sorting and sanitary blind spot cleaning have been carried out to improve the living environment of the community.


A major parking issue was tackled as well. Fire passages were re-planed and parking standardized. A total of 350 parking spots for motorcycles and trolleys and 10 fire passages were arranged to ensure road safety. 

More infrastructure upgrades are in the works and will continue in order to improve residents' living environment and enhance their sense of happiness.