Tianren Shanshui scenic spot

Updated:  2021-08-17


Located in Taiping town in Conghua district, South China's Guangdong province, Tianren Shanshui scenic spot enjoys extraordinary natural resources and has been a key provincial project in Guangdong since 2014. 

It connects to Qiangang village in the south and is a key location along the South China Historical Trail. By integrating its cultural heritage with natural resources, Conghua has built Tianren Shanshui into a scenic spot of online fame. 

One of the highlights is the incorporation of sports elements when designing its tourist program. The South China Historical Trail orienteering competition has been held in the scenic spot more than five times, and has attracted participation from 30,000 professionals and over 1 million amateurs, bringing a direct profit of approximately 2 billion yuan ($308.78 million). The resort has expanded to orienteering cycling, field operation races, event exhibitions and RV exhibitions to show off the charms of Conghua.

The site was accredited as an outdoor sports and study tour base for the youth at provincial level, among other titles as an outdoor sports venue.

Continuous efforts will be put in to continue building Tianren Shanshui into a comprehensive tourism project integrated with culture, sports and well-being services.