Notification on Tightening COVID-19 Prevention and Control Measures in Key Locations (No.18)

GZFAO Updated:  2021-06-09

Notification on Tightening COVID-19 Prevention and Control Measures in Key Locations (No.18)

In order to effectively curb the spread of COVID-19, we hereby notify the following matters regarding tightening COVID-19 prevention and control measures in some key locations:

1. To avoid gatherings, wet markets located in medium- and high-risk areas as well as restricted areas will be temporarily shut down starting from today. All affected areas must conduct a survey on the number of residents in the area and get an understanding of residents' demand for basic supplies. All affected areas must strive to ensure the provision, allocation, and distribution of supplies. Cooperation and support from relevant organizations and residents in the affected areas are much appreciated.

2. In line with the requirements for COVID-19 screening at key locations, starting from today, health code inspection will be mandatory for entries to all key locations across Guangzhou including restaurants and medical facilities. Relevant locations which are yet to apply for an exclusive location-specific "access health code" must apply for one from the local community (village) committee before June 8 and print out the code and put it in a visible area at the entrance so that visitors can easily scan the code. Before the exclusive location-specific "access health code" is generated, information of the entrants must be recorded. For people who do not have a smart phone, their family members or local community (village) committee or property management service providers can help them apply for a personal "health code". They can print out the health code and bring it with themselves at all times, so that the health code can be inspected as they enter into relevant locations.

The above prevention and control measures will be adjusted on a dynamic basis according to the COVID-19 risk assessment results. This notification will be implemented upon its release.

Guangzhou COVID-19 Prevention and Control Command Center

June 7, 2021