10 Hot Spring Hotels in Conghua

Updated:  2021-04-12


1. Conghua Bishuiwan Hot Spring Resort

Located in the Liuxi Hot Spring Tourism Resort by the Liuxi River, Conghua Bishuiwan Hot Spring Resort has a large outdoor hot spring, a swimming pool, and a soccer field and park.


2. Guangdong Hot Spring Hotel

Located around the Liuxi River, the Chinese garden style hot spring tourism resort is divided into east and west regions. It was rated as a "convalescent home of the central government" and "the best hot spring of Lingnan". 


3. Dusit Devarana Hot Spring Hotel Conghua

Dusit Devarana Hot Spring Hotel has 133 luxury villas and rooms, and each villa has an independent hot spring pool. Besides, there are 26 open air hot spring pools, and many physiotherapy pools, aromatherapy pools, wading pools and fish pools.


4. Congdu International Manor

Located at the foot of Fenghuang Mountain, Congdu International Manor is the first hotel in the country with only suites. It was rated by Chinese writer and scholar Yu Qiuyu as the "highest-level contemporary landscape in China". 


5. Santorini Hot Spring Resort 

The Aegean-style resort has more than 50 hotel spring pools of varying sizes and a large outdoor swimming pool with an area of more than 1,000 square meters.


6. Helston Hot Spring Hotel

Located at the entrance of Conghua Hot Spring Tourism Resort, Helston Hot Spring Hotel is a five-star hotel featuring health-preserving. Its attractions include a characteristic lobby bar, a hot spring pool, garden-style swimming pool, a hydrotherapy room, a restaurant, a conference room, a movie theater and a chess and card room.


7. Biquan Air Hot Spring Hotel

Built in 1992, Biquan Air Hot Spring Hotel covers an area of 12,600 sq m and is divided into six hot spring parks and 52 hot spring pools built according to the eight diagrams and the five elements. The outdoor and semi-outdoor hot spring pools are located on the 3rd and 4th floors of the hotel. 


8. The Spring Legend Resort

Located in the core area of Guangzhou International Hot Spring Town, it stands on the 156-meter-high summit of Jiulian Mountain and to the north of Liuxi River, the south of Tianhu Lake, the east of the hot spring town resort, and the west of the Jiekou new tourism development zone. 


9. Wenxuan Garden Leisure & Conference Hotel

Located next to Liuxi River, the Wenxuan Garden Leisure & Conference Hotel is a comprehensive resort hotel integrating catering, accommodation, conference service, wellness, recreation, and hot spring spa service.


10. Just Stay Resort

Located in the Liangkou Town Liuxi Hot Spring Resort, Just Stay Resort is a Chinese style hotel integrating Hui style architecture and Lingnan culture. The hotel is divided into four areas: indoors, hot spring pools, a courtyard, and mountain villas.