Supportive Facilities

Updated:  2021-04-07

In terms of living, Conghua offers one of the most livable environments in Guangzhou with exceptional cost-effectiveness of real property. Developers such as Agile Property and R&F operate residence properties in the district.

Entertainment and shopping in the district are supported by one-stop services via commercial complexes such as Grand Century Place and Sunroho International Trade Mall, and shopping centers such as CR Vanguard and Grandbuy.

Now, the district is working on three business circles in Hailong, Dongfeng and Wangcheng, and improvement projects in Dongfeng, Hecang and Lianxing villages. Upon completion, these projects will enable even greater investment opportunities for businesses as they benefit from all-round supportive services in Conghua. Development of the old parts of the district will also be further advanced. 

Conghua offers luxurious experiences at the Imperial Springs International Convention Center, Guangzhou-Hong Kong-Macao Ecological Design Town, the Guangdong Hot Spring Hotel, the Biquan Kongzhong Hot Spring Hotel, Bishuiwan Hot Spring Resort, Dusit Devarana Hot Spring Hotel, and the Hong Kong Jockey Club Conghua Racecourse in Guangzhou.

Educational resources in Conghua include the Beijing Normal University Experimental Middle School(Conghua Middle School), Guangzhou Zhixin High School (No 6 Conghua High School), Xiliu Primary School (among the top 100 in China), Guangdong Universities of Foreign Studies Experimental Primary School, Conghua Kindergarten and Second Conghua Kindergarten (Level I in Guangdong province), and 10 universities/colleges (including Nanfang College of Sun Yat-sen University). 

Regarding medical and healthcare resources, Conghua has a top-level hospital -- the Fifth Affiliated Hospital of Southern Medical University. The relocation project of a TCM hospital and the new project of a hospital for women and children are progressing, as are preparations for Conghua's Provincial TCM hospital.