Updated:  2021-04-07

The district boasts substantive, mostly-undeveloped land resources that are suitable for industrial development and can meet the needs of varied projects, as well as solid energy supply and facilities as the terminal station in Southern China of west-to-east electric power and gas transmission projects with a comprehensive energy network in electric power, gas, and distributed energy stations, and highly competitive land transfer prices and abundant human resources in the Guangzhou region. 

The district government also intends to lower investment and operational costs in terms of industrial supportive facilities, infrastructure and policies. Prioritized industrial projects as well as the large and medium-sized enterprises and tech firms that have contributed to the local economy enjoy governmental support through fiscal subsidies and discounted costs, and will benefit from higher competitiveness from "cost advantages" enabled by Conghua district.

A host of universities/colleges in Conghua, such as Nanfang College of Sun Yat-sen University, the Software Engineering Institute of Guangzhou, Guangzhou City Construction College, Guangzhou Medical College in Conghua, Zhujiang College of South China Agricultural University, and polytechnics, offer significant human resources for economic development.