Guangzhou Conghua District Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Updated:  2021-04-07

Guangzhou Conghua District Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine was founded in 1958. It merged with Conghua People's Hospital in 1968, was re-launched in 1984, and rated as a 2A traditional Chinese medicine hospital in 1997. It is a nonprofit public traditional Chinese medicine hospital integrating medical treatment, disease prevention, healthcare, rehabilitation, teaching, and scientific research. 

The hospital has a floor space of 8,660 sq m, an operating space of 14,419 sq m, and 403 beds. It will be relocated in the coming years. According to the plan, construction of a 1.06 billion yuan new hospital, with 800 beds, a total floor area of 115,820 sq m, will be started in 2021, and put into use in early 2024. 

The inpatient departments include the department of gynecology, Ophthalmology and Otorhinolaryngology, critical care medicine, and anesthesiology, of which encephalopathy is a characteristic traditional Chinese medicine specialty of Guangdong Province, and bian-stone therapy is a famous traditional Chinese medicine specialty of Guangzhou City. Other clinical departments include emergency department, physical examination department, hemodialysis clinic, dermatology clinic, and oral medicine clinic. Non-clinical departments include the laboratory, function department, radiology department, and pharmacy department. 

Address: No 21 Zhenbei Road, Jiekou Subdistrict, Conghua District, Guangzhou 

Tel: 020-87936262 (working days) 18802032643 (non working days) 

Service time: all day for emergency department and inpatient department, with no holiday leave; 08:00-12:00, 14:30-17:30 on Monday - Sunday for clinics; 08:00-12:00, 14:30-17:30 on Monday - Friday for administrative office and physical examination center.