The Fifth Affiliated Hospital of Southern Medical University

Updated:  2021-04-07


The Fifth Affiliated Hospital of Southern Medical University is a top-level hospital that combines medical treatment, teaching, scientific research, first aid, disease prevention, healthcare and other functions.

Situated in Conghua District, which is known as the back garden of Guangzhou, the hospital is composed of the main campus and the Chaoyang Street Clinic. With an area of 102,400 sq m, it has 1,500 beds (of which 500 beds are allocated for both medical treatment and rehabilitation training), and 48 clinical and non-clinical departments. There are more than 1,800 employees, including more than 680 with middle and high-level professional and technical posts, more than 200 with master's degrees and doctoral degrees, and 39 who have been honored as "famous doctors in Lingnan". 

The hospital has advanced diagnosis and treatment equipment, such as 3.0T ultra-high end light velocity smart MRI, 256-slice ultra-high end spiral CT, medical electron linear accelerator LA, single photon emission computed tomography SPECT, digital subtraction angiography DSA, digital X-ray machine, molybdenum target breast X-ray machine, C-arm X-ray diagnostic machine, four-dimensional color ultrasound, multifunctional digital gastrointestinal endoscopic and endoscopic minimally invasive treatment equipment (thoracoscopic, laparoscopic, hysteroscopic systems), lithotripter, fully automatic biochemical analyzer, fully automatic immunoassay system, and more. 

Address: No 566 Congcheng Road, Conghua District, Guangzhou 

Service line: 020-61780719