Yinghao Kindergarten

Updated:  2021-04-01

Yinghao Kindergarten was founded in 1995 and is now a first-level kindergarten in Guangzhou City, and one of the first top ten private kindergartens in Guangdong Province.

Yinghao Kindergarten has designed its space environment and teaching curriculum from the perspective of developing children's intelligence, providing various courses of languages, activities and games.

With young, high-quality, professional and dedicated teachers, Yinghao Kindergarten, featuring the English language, provides each class with an English teacher, and strives to arouse children's interest in science and art to develop their comprehensive quality with consideration for their different personalities and hobbies.

In addition, the school provides children with meals that are scientifically prepared by nutrition experts from Sun Yat-sen University. Children there have six meals a day, three main ones and three supplemental ones. The meals include meat and vegetables, and offer children adequate and balanced nutrition.