Metro Updated:  2021-03-29


Currently, Guangzhou Metro has totally operated nine metro lines including Line 1, Line 2, Line 3, Line4, Line 5, Line 8, APM, Guangfo Metro and first section of Line 6 that covers a total length of 260 kilometers through more than 20-years of construction. Besides, the experimental tram route formally operated by the end of 2014. Until 2017, the total metro lines will cover more than 500 kilometers with the operation of Guanghzou-Foshan (Xilang-Lijiao), second section of Line 6, first section of Line 7, southern extension of line 4, northern extension of line 8, first section of Line 13, first section of Line 14, Line 14 (to Guangzhou Knowledge City) and Line 21.

There are nine metro lines in Guangzhou and service charges are based on the distance between pick-up and destination points: charges are RMB2 for the first four kilometers; RMB1/every four kilometers from four to twelve kilometers; RMB1/every six kilometers from twelve to twenty-four kilometers and RMB1/every eight kilometers over the distance of twenty-four kilometers.

One-way tickets can be bought at automatic ticket vending machines with coins of 5 Jiao or 1 Yuan, or notes of 5, 10 or 20 Yuan. There are also automatic machines available for passengers to change larger notes. Additionally, passengers can get change from box offices or banks nearby and, moreover, Yangchengtong cards or ordinary stored value tickets are also available. 

After having been checked through on a turnstile at the entrance, the ticket should be kept then and put into a container at the exit to be recollected. The holders of Yangchengtong cards, stored value tickets or mobile phones with a special SIM card and a tiny antenna have their cards/tickets/mobile phones checked on a turnstile at the entrance and exit before entering or leaving the subway stations.

Special passages are available in some stations for holders of special tickets and common passages are suitable for holders of ordinary tickets, including stored value tickets, Yangchengtong cards and one-way tickets.

Trains running along Line 3 and 4 are equipped with emergency speaker phones. Whenever emergencies occur, passengers can push the button and, through the telephone, speak directly to the driver reporting any incident that happens on the train. 

Free consultation hotline: 40088-12830, 83289999