Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport

Updated:  2021-02-04

Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport is located in the north of Guangzhou, and intersection of Renhe Town in Baiyun District and Xinhua Town in Huadu District. It covers an area of 18 square kilometers, which is approximately 28 km away from the downtown of Guangzhou.

Baiyun Airport is one of the three major international hub airports in China, which is one of the busiest airports in Asia and even all over the world. Since new Baiyun Airport was enabled on August 5, 2004, its business was rapidly developed. In 2010, the airport was awarded as "world top ten airports with the best services" in the ACI (international airport association) global airport passenger satisfaction evaluation. In 2017, its annual passenger throughput reached 65.84 million person-times, which was No 13 in world airports list.

Main facilities 

Currently, Baiyun Airport is equipped with three runways, 138 aircraft stations and 45 freighter stations. T1 terminal has a total area of 52,3000 square meters, which is composed of main building, connection building, airside concourse and bridge building. T2 terminal covers an area of 65,8700 square meters, which will be put into use in early 2018.


Baiyun Airport established business partnership with 70 airlines at present. Flights can directly reach more than 200 cities both at home and abroad. There are nearly 30 safeguard models. It is the base airport of China Southern Airlines, Shenzhen Airlines, Jiuyuan Airlines, and Longhao Airlines.