Lion dance to entertain Tianhe children in holiday Updated: September 27, 2022

A lion dance and Wing Chun parent-child experiential activity will take place in Guangzhou's Tianhe district on Oct 6 during the weeklong National Day holiday that will start from Oct 1.

Lu Haosheng, a representative inheritor of Guangdong lion dance and president of the Tianhe District Dragon and Lion Dances Sports Association, and his team will then introduce information regarding lion dance and Wing Chun. They will also organize children to watch lion dance performances, show the eight forms and spirits of the lion dance, as well as teach traditional Wing Chun etiquette.


Children learn the movements of the lion dance in the previous experiential activities. [Photo/WeChat account: tianhefabu]

In addition, a fun sports meeting will be held so that participants can apply what they have learned about lion dance.