'HK Model' building management influences Tianhe CBD

en.thnet.gov.cn Updated: July 13, 2022

Since 2015, the Tianhe central business district (CBD) management committee has taken the lead in the country in formulating sustainable building management standards in line with international ones by cooperating with the Hong Kong Quality Assurance Agency.

To date, 68 out of 121 commercial buildings in the Tianhe CBD have passed the assessment in accordance with sustainable building management standards.

"'Customers first' is the essence of Hong Kong's management model," said Zheng Zheng, chief property manager of the Guangzhou International Finance Center (IFC) and the Yuexiu Financial Tower. "From decorations to services, Hong Kong's commercial building management is always customer-centric."

Zheng also praised the visual professionalism of Hong Kong's services. "Service personnel are in neat clothes and pay close attention to their makeup, making one feel that they are professional," said Zheng. "The decorations on the front desk of buildings are delicate, and signs are naturally pasted around, giving people the overall feeling of cleanness."


Tall buildings in the Tianhe CBD. [Photo/WeChat account: gztzth]

In the eyes of Ye Shunhao, property director of Agile Center, "smiling service" is particularly prominent in Hong Kong's services. "Property service personnel in Hong Kong are generally older, and the years of experience make them form a conscientious attitude to doing a good job in providing services," Ye said.

Practicality and high-efficiency are also highlighted in Hong Kong's property services. The commercial utilization rate of Agile Center reaches nearly 70 percent, while the management and public spaces, such as elevators and tea rooms, are concentrated in the core area of the building, reflecting the "customers first" concept in the Hong Kong management model.

"It's hard to tell that the City Development Plaza was put into use in December 1997," said Deng Zhiding, chief property manager of the City Development Plaza.

"Hong Kong's asset management concept is very influential to us," added Deng. "Every year, we will allocate some part of the management fee for the maintenance and upgrading of hardware and software facilities in the building."

Since 2005, in addition to daily engineering maintenance, the City Development Plaza has gradually carried out capital renovations on its central systems and equipment, such as the fire fighting system, elevators, the monitoring system, air conditioners, glass curtain walls, as well as floor public access.

"This will not only make the customers feel comfortable, but also improve the valuation of the building," added Deng.