Baiyun to boost beauty, health industry cluster

Updated : May 11, 2023

A group of representatives conducted an on-site investigation on May 9 at Bawei Corporation, a Baiyun-based cosmetic company, to promote the integrated development of Baiyun's beauty and health industry.

The group consisted of 32 representatives from a doctoral group, as well as representatives from the beauty, health, biomedicine and manufacturing industries.

Some representatives came up with new solutions for the beauty and health industry to improve product quality and production efficiency by sharing information on automation, intelligent manufacturing and flexible manufacturing models.

To date, Baiyun has been home to about 1,400 cosmetics manufacturers and more than 6,000 cosmetics trading enterprises. Every year, more than 10 billion beauty and personal care products are produced and packaged in the district, and then sold both at home and abroad.

By relying on a solid industrial foundation, the district aims to form a 100-billion-level ($14-billion-level) beauty and health industry cluster by 2025. 

This event not only provides a platform for ideas between doctoral talents from different industries, but also contributes greatly to the development of the district's beauty and health industry. In the future, talent leadership and technology empowerment will be Baiyun Beauty Bay's strongest engine for development.


A group of representatives conducts an on-site investigation at Bawei Corporation. [Photo/Guangzhou Daily]

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